Protect your Holidays with COVID Insurance

Rental apartment in Marbella

Planning your next vacation? Rent Marbeland Apartament, tourist apartment, with maximum tranquility

Andalusia throughout 2021 makes available to international tourists insurance with free Covid-19 coverage if they are staying in tourist apartments – as well as in other types of accommodation -.

Marbeland Apartment, in addition to being regulated as a tourist apartment, has the Andalucía Segura distinctive – a seal that guarantees that it is free from COVID-19 -. Both the COVID-19 Insurance and the Andalucía Segura badge will help you choose us as your vacation spot during 2021.

The coverages covered, if unfortunately you contract COVID-19 during your stay in Marbella, are:

  • Medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses for the sick and those accompanying them – Although there is a maximum cost and franchise to take into account –
  • Medical expenses for transportation and repatriation for the sick and those accompanying them.
  • Transportation or repatriation for patients with COVID-19 and companions.
  • Expenses for the extension of the stay in the tourist apartment for the sick and those accompanying them. Quarantine included.

Figures covered by the insurance: Sick person and companions. As sick we understand the person diagnosed with COVID-19. As a companion, it refers to a relative of the insured, spouse or partner who lives with him, as well as the first degree ascendants or descendants of both members of the couple.

This insurance, without a doubt, will give you the confidence to travel again and choose Marbeland Apartament as your tourist accommodation as it is free of COVID-19 as indicated by its Andalusia Segura badge.

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